Show garden build: Days 5 and 6

The garden is now looking like a garden with lots of the larger plants in. My husband has excelled at planting and I am wondering whether he enjoys it? I find out at the end his final day (Day 6) that he doesn’t. Perhaps it’s the temperature in the high thirties every day that’s marred the experience?

Day 5: the taller planting is in, and at least we won’t be tripping over it now! The waste soil in pots will need to be taken away unless one of my neighbors needs it for raised beds.
Day 6: the daybed and arch are in place! The arch seemed to have grown by 18cm in width and no longer fitted the legs at 2m apart! Husband did a kind of ‘Iron Man’ squeezing of the top of the arch and got it back to 2m. I am fretting about the flowers and whether they will last in this scorching weather- we erect our gazebo each day to give them some shade while we are there.


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